GPSEXMONT-Energo a.s., Bohunická 652/1, 619 00 Brno
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About us

The company was established in 1991 when the founder Jaroslav Teplý senior set up, as a natural person,a business providing repair and assembly of motors.

The increase in orders and growth in the market led to the establishment of the joint stock company in 1995, EXMONT-Energo a.s.

In 2004 the son of the founder, Ing. Jaroslav Teplý, was appointed Managing Director of the company.

EXMONT-Energoa.s. has been doing business since 2001 in its own premises with the size of 23,100 m2, with production areas of 6,900 m2, and employs around 100 employees. We currently provide complete services in the field of electric rotating machinery (motors, generators) and of hydropower turbines.

Some of the projectsare executed in cooperation with the Brno University of Technology.