GPSEXMONT GmbH, Zu den Ruhrwiesen 3, 59755 Arnsberg (Germany) / Závist 493/3, 624 00 Brno (Czech Republic)
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Production of electric motors and generators up to the power of 30 MW

We manufacture reliable and quality electric motors and generators, particularly based on specific customer requirements. We have delivered more than 200 pieces of special machinery to our customers operating in various industries.

Our electric motors operate in various environments, as drivers of conveyors, pumps, ventilators. Generators are designed for hydroelectric power plants to produce green energy.

Types of motors/generators and their parameters:

  • Asynchronous motors with a squirrel cage and a slip ring
  • Synchronous motors and permanent-magnet synchronous motors
  • Asynchronous generators and synchronous generators with a smooth rotor and salient pole rotor
Power:100 – 30 000 kW
Voltage:380 – 13 800 V
Frequency:50 Hz, 60 Hz
Revolutions:200 – 3000 min-1